Whether you’re in a HomeGroup, House Church, Medium-Size Church, or a Mega-Church, God is restoring the lost art of discipleship to his people in the body of Christ. All across our nation, discipleship movements are rising to the call to return to the Jesus-style model of disciple-making. The Discipleship Group (or “DG”) is one of many disciple-making movements bringing grass-roots level discipleship to churches that are witnessing tremendous spiritual growth among their members.

To support local churches and inspire Christians everywhere to fulfill their calling to “disciple the nations,” DG launched its first bi-annual “Disciple Maker’s Forum” on August 7-8, 2020. The objective was to introduce, inform, and enroll potential candidates into a fantastic discipleship experience that’s been transforming lives since 2011. In The Discipleship Group family, Christians are digging deeper and growing stronger in their faith. The videoed sessions of this forum is your chance to find out “why” and “how” such growth is happening from alumni who’ve completed the three-year program and from those who are currently in their journey through it in their own weekly D-Group.

Please check back for details or contact us here online to stay on top of all DG news.

Grace and Peace!

Dr. Jay ZinnFounder, Author, & Disciple-Maker

From the 2020 Forum:

Speaker Hannah Arrowood, Founder and Executive Director of Present Age Ministries. To see all of last year’s speaker presentations, please click here.